Passion and curiosity are two things that we all have in us.  It is what drives us to find out more, to research, to learn.  Individuals find something that becomes of interest to them and they continue their learning about it because of their curiosity.  So with this idea, why can’t we transfer student learning to be driven by their passions and curiosity?

In Friedman’s (2013) article, he stated that PQ+CQ=IQ.  This means that passion quotient plus curiosity quotient equals intelligence quotient.  What drove Friedman’s equation is that fact that we have an ever changing world with the advancement in technology.  In order to help the students we have in front of us each day prepare to make it in the world; we need to help them find their passions and allow their curiosity to take over.  Curiosity alone, will drive a student to find out more if they are passionate about the material presented.

As Friedman (2013) stated, “The winners won’t just be those with more I.Q. It will also be those with more P.Q. (passion quotient) and C.Q. (curiosity quotient) to leverage all the new digital tools to not just find a job, but to invent one or reinvent one, and to not just learn but to relearn for a lifetime.”  In order to help our students succeed, we need to teach them to be lifelong learners.  This can occur through opening up a personal learning network to them, allowing them affinity spaces to associate with, providing chances for creativity in the classroom, trial and error.

What better way to start this implementation than right in your own classroom?  So, I ask you, how will you instill passion and curiosity in your students?


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