What is stopping us from moving forward?

Reimagining teaching or rethinking the way we teach to 21st century learners is a prominent discussion point among educators today.  In CEP 812 this week, we looked at this problem and identified various factors of what is making this problem so wicked.

There are three main areas where change needs to happen in order to get us moving in the right direction.  They include policy, leadership, and practice (NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition, pg.6).  Listed below are just four different problems that add to making our problem of rethinking teaching, WICKED.

  1. Uniform Learning vs. Customization – Our society has this idea that all students should learn the same thing at the same time.  Technology challenges this idea in that it customizes learning to one’s specific needs and interests. (Collins and Halverson, 2009).
  2. Rethinking How Schools Work – Students follow a daily schedule where a bell starts and ends class.  This doesn’t allow for interdisciplinary learning to take place or  collaboration, critical thinking, and knowledge retention to go on amongst students. (NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition, pg.8)
  3. Access to Technologies – Teachers are limited in the amount of access they have during the school day to technology (computers, iPads, etc.).  “It is important to get the technology part right to enable the desired transformations in teaching and learning” (Light, 2015).
  4. Standardized Assessments – Students are given standardized tests to see how much they have “learned”.  In moving forward, more project-based learning needs to take place, thus weening out standardized assessments. (NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition, pg.10)


Lastly, check out this YouTube video on ‘Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner’ by the MacArthur Foundation.

What are your thoughts about rethinking teaching?  What do you think makes this problem so wicked?


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