Reflecting on CEP811

As I am typing this, I feel a little bit of sadness in that this class is coming to a close.  I had the opportunity to learn so many new and exciting technologies that I spent countless hours learning and making.  It was a trial and error process that tested my patience, perseverance, and overall willingness to complete and grasp new ideas and concepts.  I have learned so much over the last seven weeks and have made a file in Evernote to refer back to when needed.

To sum up all of the things I learned in CEP 811, I went back through my notes from all seven weeks and picked out the  main ideas, repeated words, etc. and created a Word Cloud (something I have not done in YEARS).  I ended up using the website to create the word cloud for free.  After exploring some of the other websites, I found this one to be the most simple and user-friendly website.  Here are the main ideas I took from CEP 811.

Created on word

As you can see, including maker education into the classroom using new technologies helps to extend one’s creativity.  This is a movement that is going to continue excelling and we, as teachers need to convert these 19th century classrooms to the 21st century.  Better late than never…

CEP 811 has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and CREATE.  I now have new thinking when it comes to technology and have been trying to let my students explore more with technology in the classroom.  I am learning to let go of the reins per say and allow for my students creativity to come out in their projects.  It is difficult to do at first, but I must say I am so pleased with their work when it is completed, that I get a wonderful sense of satisfaction as do they, with the finished product.

This new way of thinking will only help me to continue letting go and become more of a coach when it comes to technology integration rather than the teacher.

The assignments in CEP 811 have all taught me to struggle, pursue, and push myself beyond limits in order to be successful and creative while using new technologies.  I don’t anticipate introducing all of these technologies to my class this year, however, it is somewhere for me to start.  I believe by creating a project that will allow for my students to experience the same things that I did throughout this class will help them to be better problem solvers, work collaboratively, and build confidence in their own learning.  I am so excited to get started and having gone through the experiences myself, I know what is acceptable or not to ask of my students.

Two classes in to my Masters of Educational Technology, and I am still thrilled to be learning all these new technologies that I can take back in the classroom.  I have made a great choice and am excited to continue taking classes towards my degree!




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