#Makerspaces and The Maker Movement Manifesto

This week in my CEP 811 Course we were asked to create an infographic.  After exploring the suggested websites to use, I ended up choosing piktochart.com.  The reason for that was it seemed easy to manage and had free templates that were very appealing to the eye.  After several attempts at using a pre-made template, I ended up creating one from scratch.  Having never made a infographic or having any experience using piktochart, it took me a few hours of just playing around with it, to really feel comfortable using it.  Through the process, I really enjoyed creating this infographic and had a lot of fun doing so!

When getting started, I didn’t have an idea I wanted to run with.  I reviewed our past assignments, readings, videos, etc. in hopes of something sparking.  While doing that, I stumbled upon some other great articles that I was able to tie into my infographic.  I felt as though I know a lot about the Maker Movement but not on how to develop a makerspace for my students.  I started with the three challenges that teachers often face that Richard Culatta discussed in his TedxTalk video.  I then moved into how we can inspire students to learn and create Fleming, L. Kurti, D.L., Kurti, S.R. (2015).  I then went into a list of things that you ask yourself when creating a makerspace, using the information provided by MakerMedia in their book Makerspace Playbook: School Edition.  Lastly, I reviewed Mark Hatch’s (2013) nine key principals in creating a Maker Movement Manifesto.  Take a look at how it all came together below or by clicking on the link provided.


Feel free to comment with any thoughts or ideas of your own!

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