Hungry for Syllables!

IMG_2704.JPGIn creating a lesson plan for kindergartners with Makey Makey I almost thought it was going to be impossible.  However, after much thought, collaboration with my colleagues in my CEP 811 course, and brainstorming different ideas, I found a lesson plan applicable to my students.

I have been teaching about syllables and how to count the number of syllables in words.  We have been using the clapping method with a saying that goes “Words go up, Words go down, This is how ____ sounds”…and then clapping it out.  The students really enjoyed this and picked up on the “chunking” very quickly.  However, I still wanted to add something more and what better way than to incorporate a new technology with a topic that the students already have had some background knowledge and prior experience with.  I decided to grab an old game, Hungry Hungry Hippo, that I tested out in Week 2 and run with the idea.

Once writing my lesson plan, I got stuck on the fact that I only have one Makey Makey and cannot afford to buy 4 more in order to make this work.  That’s when the brainstorming and collaboration came into play.  I run Daily 5 (literacy centers) and figured that I could use that time (1 hour and 45 minutes) to conduct this lesson with each group on a different day of the week.  I have 5 groups of students so this was perfect, I could see one group of students each day of the week to work this through AND provide immediate feedback to the group.  Check out my full lesson plan for using Makey Makey with Hungry Hungry Hippo in teaching syllables!

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