Cooking with TPACK

This week in my CEP 810 course we watched a discussion by Dr. Mishra.  You can find the video here.  In this video, Dr. Mishra discusses the importance of technocentrism.  He talks about the importance of changing our mindsets as teachers to use technology in the classroom in ways that are meaningful to our students.  We need to repurpose technology and design our lessons around them rather than just integrate technology because we have it.  Technology is at the fingertips of this generation and we need to help teach them how to use it and make their learning more meaningful.IMG_2570.JPG
In order to see this first hand, this week we were challenged to cook with TPACK.  My boyfriend chose three things from the kitchen for me to use without knowing what I had to make with the items.  One item needed to be a plate, a bowl, and a IMG_2569.JPGkitchen utensil.  He chose a small dinner plate, a mixing bowl, and a pasta server.  Then I asked him to draw a number from a
different bowl.  He picked #4 which meant I had to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using these kitchen tools he had already chosen for me.  You can see my adventure in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich down below.

IMG_2568.JPGAs you can see in the video, it wasn’t too difficult for me to accomplish this task, however I had to “think outside the box”.  I had three tools and used them in ways I wouldn’t have normally thought of.  In the process, I didn’t even think I would use the mixing bowl and while completing the task, I ended up thinking of a way to use it (to cut the sandwich in half).

This lesson helped me to see the importance of giving my own students the opportunity to repurpose technology and see in what ways they can accomplish a given task with the use of minimal materials/technology.  I am excited to try this with them and see all of the different outcomes that the students have.  We each think differently and this lesson helps to push students way of thinking in a different direction.  Interested in experimenting yourself?  Here are the rules of the game from my CEP 810 course.  Give it a try!