Knit Wit!

IMG_2514This is the end of Week 5 (3 weeks in to our Networked Learning Project) and I am so happy to announce that I have successfully completed my infinity scarf!  Although this was challenging only being able to use YouTube and help forums in order to complete my Networked Learning Project, I did it!  I couldn’t be happier with my results either.  Interested in the process?  Check out my video
below to see a snippet!

Finished product after sewing the ends together.

Now you might be thinking, “You did that all by watching YouTube videos and reading help forums?”  Yes, I did!  I can’t believe how much information is really out on the web.  By watching videos and reading forums, I learned how to choose yarn and needle size from ( forum), casting on, knit stitch (from, combining spools of yarn (when one is finished – from Sheep and Stitch)  and sewing together the ends (from Simply Maggie) to create the infinity scarf.  I learned all of that in three weeks time, on top of having a full-time job along with all the other craziness going on in my life.  I will never use the excuses of not having time or not knowing how to do something.  I have a mass amount of information, help forums, videos, etc. at my fingertips, so why not use it?

While completing this project, I have found myself going back to YouTube to watch videos on how to use, Evernote, Wunderlist, and the list goes on!  I am amazed at how much one source of technology could help me learn all sorts of other trades and technologies.  I am a very visual learner and YouTube videos are great for that.

Having said all that, why not use it in my classroom?  I think showing students what is out on the web and how to navigate to YouTube and help forums would be a huge benefit to them.  Not only will it help them in researching certain topics in school but also learn how to do something, use a new technology, and much more.

One way, I would incorporate the Network Learning Project in my classroom would be to watch a video on ‘how to carve a pumpkin’.  Since it is that time of year, this would be a great way to incorporate YouTube and help forums in my classroom.  Now, I do teach kindergarten, so I may have to navigate for them, but just showing them will help them to gain an understanding that they have access to millions of different activities and the how to’s.  By using YouTube they can later share the information at home with friends and family when wanting to learn a new task.

I am so excited to find something else to learn.  The holidays are coming up and I think a holiday wreath might be my next adventure!  I encourage you to choose something you are interested in learning how to make, build, or use, and give it a try!  What do you have to lose?