Popping with Popplet in Kindergarten!

This week, in week 5 of my CEP 810 course we were asked to design a lesson plan that involves a technology that we have learned so far this semester.  Immediately I felt a little bit overwhelmed.  My first thought was, “I teach kindergarten, how am I going to create a lesson integrating a new technology I learned?”  Well, I thought it over a couple of days and then it popped into my head.  Earlier in the semester, we were asked to create our Personal Learning Network using a new technology called Popplet.  When I was exploring Popplet, I came across the life cycle of a pumpkin that was created by another individual.  This is when it hit me!  It is that time of year, where I will be teaching about pumpkins and the life cycle of a pumpkin in another week.

Picture taken from MsFultzCorner on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How perfect!  I got back on Popplet and decided to play around with it.  I ended up deciding to create my lesson so that students could use the drawing tool in Popplet and draw the 6 stages that a pumpkin goes through.

Before having my students just jump into using Popplet, I need to stimulate their prior knowledge.  My plan is to do this by listening to a song by Harry Kindergarten that will introduce pumpkins, create a chart with all of our thoughts and also by watching a YouTube video about the life cycle of a pumpkin, jotting down what we saw.  This allowed me to give students the access to the information, analyze the information that was given and then create their own understanding of the information through Popplet (Hobbs, 2011).

The purpose behind this lesson is to have the students learn a new technology, allow them to play, and most importantly, how to CREATE.  When creating the lesson I wanted my students to learn how to compose content using their creativity all while being aware of the purpose and audience with whom they will be sharing with (Hobbs, 2011).  I strived for my students to learn how to generate content that represents their learning (Thomas & Brown, 2011) in a fun, engaging, yet meaningful way.  With having kindergarteners, sometimes it is difficult implementing technology, however Popplet allows for students to have fun, play around with the tools, and create using the drawing tool.

What I learned from this, is that by incorporating technology, I am able to allow my students to show more of what they know individually, giving them the chance to learn, play, create, and work through trial and error.  Having them share with two other students when finished gave them a reason to strive for theirs to be great and proud to show off their work.  I am so excited to try this with my students and see how well they portray the life cycle of a pumpkin!

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