This week in CEP 810, we were asked to explore at least 2 types of technology that could help us “Get Things Done”.  I was very excited to check out some different technologies in order to choose the best one that fit my needs.  The two that I chose to explore were Evernote and Wunderlist.

Wunderlist (image taken from wunderlist website)

I ended up choosing Wunderlist to help me get things done.  The reason for this is that I have always made my “to-do” lists with a paper and pen and Wunderlist was pretty similar.  There is just something about crossing off my tasks that gives me a sense of accomplishment.

IMG_2455 IMG_2456

Wunderlist is simple, can be accessed from any device, and still gives me the same satisfaction when finished with a task.  One thing I wish that was included in Wunderlist is the ability to attach things like in Evernote.  I believe it is available, just not in the free version, and it just doesn’t fit my budget right now.  I am excited to continue using Wunderlist and have hope that it will help me stay organized and get things done.  I encourage you to check out Wunderlist to see if it fits your needs!  Here is a tutorial to help get you started!

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