Keep Calm and Cast On – NLP Entry #2

A couple weeks into my Networked Learning Project and I am feeling a little bit relieved.  I had decided that I wanted to knit an infinity scarf.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought all of the materials LAST winter and just never got around to starting it.  After my CEP810 course asked us to choose something we have always wanted to learn, I thought this was my perfect chance to give it a go!  After lots of research watching YouTube videos and discovering help forums, I have come a long way in just a few short weeks!

First, I began by looking through different infinity scarf patterns using to get some idea of what I wanted my scarf to look like.  I started my project already having size 15 needles and 3 spools of yarn that were purchased last year.  IMG_2336A few different forums recommended a size 17 needle or bigger.  One blog I found, stated that a smaller needle than the recommended one would work, the scarf just wouldn’t be AS chunky as the one that was displayed.  I was okay with that and just wanted to get started right away!  Both and the blog contained a lot of information but seemed very overwhelming to me.  It was more difficult for me to follow along so I looked to YouTube for help.

I kept coming back to this one video that I mentioned in my previous post.  The woman in the video goes slow enough that I can keep up.  I am a IMG_2418very visual learner and the way the camera was angled I could see the lady’s hands just as mine were displayed while watching the video.  I decided to follow along with the lady in the video, however I decided on my own number of casts based on the width I wanted for my scarf.  It took me about 10 tries of casting on in order to determine the amount that I felt was exactly what I had intended.  I ended up with 25 cast on’s in order to get started.

Now that I had casted on, I needed to know how to actually knit.  When looking at the forums I kept getting confused with the number of knits and pearls that each pattern had suggested.  I was getting very frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the different suggestions.  I am a visual learner and when I watch someone first and repeat their steps, I tend to get the hang of it a bit more.  The video was definitely the most helpful and  I continued to watch it and started working on an “English stitch”.  This seemed to be the easiest for me and once I got the hang of it, I found it to be fun and relaxing.

Something that I definitely got stuck on was slipping the stitch off to begin my next row.  The ends of my scarf look different at the beginning and I think that is due to the way my hands were placed when slipping the stitch off.  After halfway through, I got my hands and the stitch to be consistent and it looked much neater.

Slip stitch at the beginning.
Slip stitch once I got the hang of things.

IMG_2454I am now done with one spool of yarn and ready to begin another.  I have already been looking up some forums on how to conjoin the two pieces of yarn and make it as unnoticeable as possible.  One forum gives a suggestion of what to do and another YouTube video has given me some insight on it as well.  I am so excited to finish my scarf and be able to put it to use!

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