PLN: Personal Learning Network

Picture taken from the blog post “How to Make a Popplet, A Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool” by Gabriel Peters Lazaro.
Personal Learning Network
My Personal Learning Network using Popplet.

While completing week 3 of my CEP 810 course, we were asked to create a personal learning network of our very own using a new technology resource called Popplet.  The objective of the task was to include all the places that I go for information.  Before getting started, I thought I was going to have a difficult time, however I have had prior experience using Popplet in

undergrad.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I remembered from the past when creating a Popplet for my PLN.  Once I got started, my personal learning network quickly expanded.

I would say this is my “finished product” however, when completing this project, I realized I can’t say that and I never will.  My PLN is an ongoing network that I will continuously be adding to.  I am only in my third year of teaching and have already created a lot of connections.  I am excited to look back at this later on and see how much more I can add to it then!

On another note, creating a Popplet was really fun and different aside from drawing out these bubble maps by hand.  If you are interested in using Popplet yourself,  watch this YouTube video for help in getting started!

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