Social Media

This week in CEP 810, I was able to explore many different social media sites.  I learned different ways of connecting with people and how to use these social media sites to benefit and enhance my teaching practices.  It was a great opportunity to play and engage in these different materials online, reading articles, tweeting to professionals or retweeting things that I found interesting in hopes to engage in meaningful conversations with others.  Listed below are a few of the social media sites I have used and how I think they will benefit my professional practices.


Popplet – I created a Personal Learning Network using Popplet, however, while doing this I could see Popplet’s that were created by other’s and posted in the public forum.  I took this opportunity to look at some of those and got great ideas on how I can use Popplet in my classroom.  For example, I saw a Popplet about the stages of growth a pumpkin goes through.  This is a great learning activity for my kindergarten students to engage it!


Twitter – I established a Twitter account back in my undergraduate courses at MSU but never really got into using Twitter all that much like I did Facebook and Instagram.  Today, I got to log back into my old account @BrownL06 look at my old posts, the people I already followed, but also added my new CEP 810 classmates, tweet #CEP810, but also explore THREE educational #’s.  Today I chose to read a little bit on #MichEd, #edtechchat, and #kindergarten.  This was a wonderful way for me to get reintroduced to the Twittersphere and get involved!  I added a few more people to follow and am really looking to utilize Twitter this year to expand my PLN and establish connections, engage in conversation, make myself question and most importantly think.

flipFlipboard – Another topic we discussed and explored this week was about an RSS aggregator.  I chose to explore Flipboard.  The reason I chose Flipboard is because I have had a little background on it.  I downloaded it a couple of years ago, but never really utilized it.  After spending 20 or so minutes today, choosing topics relating to the teaching profession I began reading different articles, seeing different technologies I had never used before or even knew about.  I instantly got pulled in and wanted to keep reading, craving information and learning more with each article I came across.  Flipboard is an app and therefore much more accessible for me.  I tend to have my cell phone or iPad with me 24/7, whereas my laptop usually stays at home during the day, thus not giving me the access to any RSS sites that are not available on app yet like The Old Reader (however, I did create an account on there as well so that I have access to yet another source from my laptop).

The point to me listing all of these technologies we used this week, is that when completing my assignment for CEP 810, I came across other technologies that will definitely enhance my professional practice and further my learning.

Some of the new technologies I learned about and am very excited to start using are:


Evernote – a place where I can store all my stickies and come back to it on any device.

seesawSeesaw – an online portfolio to keep my student’s work organized and wellmanaged.

remindRemind – At the beginning of the school year, my colleagues that I currently teach with suggested using the Remind app in order to quickly communicate with parents.  I must say that I am only 2 weeks into the school year and feel as though my school to home communication is wonderful all because of this app.  I am able to quickly send reminders to the whole class or write a tidbit to just one parent using the chat tool.  I absolutely LOVE this new app and am so glad I found out about it.  Remind definitely saves me a lot of time because I am not writing out notes anymore but can type them!  Give it a try, it’s FREE and I know we all love hearing the word FREE!

As you can see, within one week, my personal learning network has expanded and I have gained a tremendous amount of new information.  I can’t wait to start really using these different tools and technologies!

I would love to hear of new technologies that you may have.  Please comment and share with me!

PLN: Personal Learning Network

Picture taken from the blog post “How to Make a Popplet, A Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool” by Gabriel Peters Lazaro.
Personal Learning Network
My Personal Learning Network using Popplet.

While completing week 3 of my CEP 810 course, we were asked to create a personal learning network of our very own using a new technology resource called Popplet.  The objective of the task was to include all the places that I go for information.  Before getting started, I thought I was going to have a difficult time, however I have had prior experience using Popplet in

undergrad.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I remembered from the past when creating a Popplet for my PLN.  Once I got started, my personal learning network quickly expanded.

I would say this is my “finished product” however, when completing this project, I realized I can’t say that and I never will.  My PLN is an ongoing network that I will continuously be adding to.  I am only in my third year of teaching and have already created a lot of connections.  I am excited to look back at this later on and see how much more I can add to it then!

On another note, creating a Popplet was really fun and different aside from drawing out these bubble maps by hand.  If you are interested in using Popplet yourself,  watch this YouTube video for help in getting started!