A Knack for Knitting?

This week in my CEP 810 course, we were challenged to pick something that we have always wanted to learn about or do.  I have chosen to knit an infinity scarf.  The inspiration behind this is that I had bought the materials LAST WINTER and just never got around to even trying to learn how.  The materials sat inside a box that was covered up with the lid and never pulled out since I had purchased it that one cold day last December.  Sad, I know.  I like to blame it on the fact that there just isn’t enough time in the day, however, I just had three months off for summer break and still never got the urge to pull it out and attempt to learn.  When given this assignment, I instantly got excited and ran over to my box and tore the lid off just to make sure all of my materials were still there.  Let’s just say it didn’t roll away, and I was left with three balls of yarn and size 15 needles.


I then hopped onto the computer and instantly went to YouTube to research knitting.  Believe it or not, the first video I clicked on had more than enough information regarding how to begin to knit.  What was even better is that the lady in the video went step by step and slow enough that I could understand her and could take the time to attempt at beginning my project.  I continued to define my search on YouTube to ‘how to knit an infinity scarf for beginners’  and stumbled upon a few more videos that are listed below:

How to knit an infinity scarf for beginners

DIY: Knitting an Infinity Scarf

I am so excited to begin this journey on learning how to knit an infinity scarf.  Now that it is an assignment for school I do not have the excuse that there is not enough time in the day.  Well there is no time like the present, so looks like I will sign off and begin my journey at creating an infinity scarf!  Look for updates to see if I really do have a knack for knitting.